Scroll Saw = Awesome!


This scroll saw has been sitting in a box in my basement for a couple months and today was the big box opening event.

Honestly, I don’t know what took me so long. (Aside from the fear of losing a finger or two.) It cuts wood like butter and has sent my crafty mind into a complete tailspin. I’m swimming in all the ideas and possibilities.

The best part of today’s power tool breakthru: I still have all my digits. I was really nervous about losing a finger using the saw, but discovered tonight that it’s relatively safe and really agrees with me. It’s super easy to operate. Even though the lamp on it seems to be missing a piece and the wood guide is positioned a little off-center, I think this tool is going to work for me once I increase my skill level. In the meantime, I’m going have fun and try to kick out some cool projects.

I have a feeling that before long I’m going to start shopping at hardware stores for tools. Normally I’m there because I’m trolling for bolts to make a necklace or something crafty like that. Oh, how times have changed.

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