“For the Love of Letters” Contest Winners…At Last!

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    thanks so much Jennifer for choosing my letter and for the wonderful pod casts that you do- they are a great way to have crafting with me even at work. Thanks again and many happy letter writing days to you!

  2. Maribel says:

    Jennifer, I’m on a Craftsanity podcast marathon! I’m a somewhat new listener and am catching up on all the interview’s you’ve done. It’s my sanity relief while sitting in traffic to and from work.

    I just finished this one today and it was so interesting to hear all about letter writing. I moved here from Mexico when I was 14 and promised all my friends I’d write….I never did. You think it’s too late? Don’t answer that. Anyhow, this podcast has inspired me to pick up on letter writing….I’ll start with sending letters to my family (who live in town…is that lame).

    Thanks for a great interview, yet again.


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