Foolishness and Fabulous Mail

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4 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Oh, poor you! I would love for some big thing like a giant race to be cancelled if I were in your (running) shoes! My daughter put blue food coloring in the milk yesterday before leaving for school. It was a great, benign April Fools gag, and our family got a bang out of it!

    Love the little wallet! Laura Bee products look fabulous; one day I’ll stop by the shop! Lucky you!

  2. Troy (DDH Running) says:

    LOL….. A friend emailed me this link and I have not laughed this hard in a few weeks.. Thanks…

    Oh, don’t feel to bad, I got two others with it too.

    So I guess you’re still in for the race.

  3. Hey, Troy, I mean, Mark, I’ll be sure to thank your friend next time I see her. Just a warning, you might want to be moving a little fast next time I see you because the April Fool in me still kinda wants to kick you! If I would have had more than a few hours of sleep, I never would have fell for this… at least I really hope not. But you got me, so enjoy it. Paybacks are hell, buddy. : )

  4. Troy (DDH Running) says:

    yeah you keep telling yourself that…. ;-)~

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