Beading for Big Sister


It’s almost time for Abby’s birthday and Amelia is ready. She made her big sister a lovely necklace with a little help from Mom. Now let’s see if she can part with it tomorrow. : )

I just love homemade presents. Don’t you?

P.S. It was too windy this morning to snap a picture of the Abby’s “Happy Monster” quilt top out on the lawn, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow afternoon. I decided not to break my neck trying to finish by tomorrow because I don’t want to goof it up. I’m going to practice my free motion quilting on some scrap fabric before making a stitch on this baby. I’m going to use cotton machine quilting thread and say a pray or two before I get started. I haven’t settled on the best basting method yet, but will research that, too. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to offer before I fire up my machine?

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