I wish I was a germ-fighting super hero…

super.jpg My crafty life was rudely interrupted today by The Crud and it laid me out flat. Last night was rough and I’m sure I looked pretty scary this morning when I waited with the other parents for Abby’s preschool teacher to collect the children for class. I was the dizzy woman with puffy eyes and messy hair donning an over-sized sweat suit. It was the best I could to pull myself together and get Abby to school on time.

Back at home I let little Amelia “help” me. She brought me a throw pillow and attempted to cover me up with an extra-large wool blanket.

“Feel better now, Mama?” she said, searching my stuffed-up face for signs of improvement.

“Yes, I do sweetie. Thank you.”

She smiled and gave me a hug. She looked very pleased with herself. It’s amazing how “help” from a little one can be 10 million times more effective then anything at the drug store.

My spirits were lifted, but I still felt lousy. So I hunkered down at home, trying to avoid drugs that cause drowsiness until after finishing my Sunday art & craft column about the mystery quilter. The good news is that I’m on the mend (I hope.) and I don’t have bronchitis. Awesome.

And now for the super hero tie-in… I really wish I could zap out The Crud and think this great super-hero project just might help our germ-fighting mission if cans of Lysol are involved. I plan to make these capes for the girls as soon as I feel better and can steal away a couple hours at my machine. (project found via CRAFT)

Okay. Now back to Crud-fighting. – JAH

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