Do You Want to Comment About How You Like Your Eggs?

img_1960.jpg Okay, so we fixed the comments feed. My apologies to those of you who tried to comment and couldn’t because we had it restricted to “registered users.” Oops. See, I told you this change was going to be tricky. I’m a creature of habit and while I didn’t really care for the old blog tool I was using, I knew its quirks. With WordPress all the goofs have been operator error, which is a good sign. I’ll get better at this, I promise.

Okay, so now for the test and I have to make this snappy because I need to kick out a craft column and put the finishing touches on podcast episode 72 which will be posted tomorrow. So much for making this snappy. Can I even do snappy? I mean come on, who am I kidding?

Now for that test. I’m researching clever Easter egg decorating techniques for my next craft column and would love to hear how you decorate your eggs. So, let’s test out the comments feed, shall we? If you have a great Easter egg decorating suggestion to share, please post it below. If I use your idea, I’ll be sure to credit my source. (Note: You will be asked for your e-mail address when you post your comment, but your address will not be published and I will not share it with anyone.)

Okay, now I have to get back to work so I can serve up a new podcast tomorrow. Cheers!

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