A Rockin’ Quilt (not mine!) and Pre-Race Slack-off

scrappycartwheel.jpgDid you see this yet? I spotted this fantastic scrappy cartwheel doll quilt (again) by greetingarts on whipup yesterday and want to make a couple for my girls. Today it’s popping up all over and too good not to share. The best part is there’s a tutorial so you can make your own. Awesome. Thank you! This quilt gained fame back in June when it was entered in whipup’s mini quilt whiplash contest a while back. Check out the other great entries.

Tomorrow is my big, exciting appointment with the professional machine quilter I’m interviewing for an upcoming art & craft column. My scrappy little quilt is ready to be machine quilted and I can’t believe it I got it done in time. (I finished sewing the backing fabric together this morning.) I’ll fill you in on all the details in the coming days.

img_1973.jpg On the fitness front… I didn’t run today, but I thought about it all day long. I ran hard yesterday, so my legs probably appreciated the break, but my mind craves that natural high that comes with running. I was up until about 3 a.m. with a sick child last night and feeling a bit like a zombie today. So, in the interest of avoiding injury and burning myself out before Saturday’s big 5k race, I decided to chill.

I’m training for a 25k, my first triathlon and maybe another marathon, but I have to take training schedules under advisement because my life is pretty unpredictable. Like any other working mother who runs, I have to sneak training into the family and job schedule. Sometimes I run as planned and sometimes my shoes are dangling from a doorknob waiting for the runny noses to clear up. Today was one of those days. No big deal. I’m not going to the Olympics, I’m just looking to beat a few leprechauns on Saturday.

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