The Making of a Felted Purse


Today Abby, Amelia and I spent some quality time watching the hot, soapy water in our washing machine felt a wool purse I just finished knitting for Abby. I’ve done some felting before, but this was probably the first time the girls were aware of the process and they seemed to get a kick out of it.

“Is it done? Is is done?” they asked every time I stopped the machine to check the progress.

This project was inspired by Ruth Boelkins’ Nonstop Knits Mini Felted Tote Purse pattern. To find out more about Ruth and her super crafty family check out Ruth my weekly art & craft column that is published in Sunday’s edition of The Grand Rapids Press.


Below are the before and after pictures. I’m pleased with the outcome. However, Abby seemed to be most interested in the purse when it was in the washing machine.

Ah, well. Maybe she’ll show some interest when I complete Amelia’s purse. Worse case scenario I’ll have two cute little purses to add to my collection. So it’s basically a win-win.

purse purseafter

P.S. I finished editing a new podcast tonight and hope to post it within the next couple days, so stay tuned.

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