Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial


Call it good fortune, or call it wonderful generosity on the part of a very talented woman named Hilary Seabolt.

Those of you who listen to my podcast on a regular basis know that I post a project from, or inspired by my guest every time I post a new show (with a few exceptions). To date, you can find roughly 60 free projects on the site. Anyway, I want to highlight this felt fortune cookie tutorial from this week’s podcast guest, Hilary Seabolt, owner of the fabulous felt food company, Lilly Bean Market.

Now, I enjoy most craft projects but I really LOVE this one! These felt fortune cookies are fast and fun to make and would look terrific whipped up in red or pink to give as a lovely gift for the wonderful people in your life on Valentine’s Day. They also make great party and wedding favors, kids toys or an interesting collection for your desk or coffee table.

If you don’t sew yet, (There’s always hope you’ll start!), you can order completed fortune cookies from Hilary. Place your order by email or by calling (616) 780-2924. She offers price breaks for bulk orders and she will stuff the cookies with custom fortunes for your special event.

Thanks again, Hilary, for sharing this delightful project!

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