Every Tuesday night I go to CRAFT CLUB at the Y and hang out with kindred spirits. Since I’m the chatty founder of the group, I’m finding that I don’t get much work done during the meetings and still end up making a bulk of my projects at home way after midnight. Nevertheless, I’m having fun meeting new artists and crafters every week and talking shop. The group is growing which is fabulous. It will be interesting to see what we can accomplish this year.


Our first order of business in 2008 is to make a club banner to hang up at the Y. Several of us are embellishing letters for the banner in our own style. My contribution so far is this charmingly mishappened letter C. I decided to quilt my letter out of fabric scraps. Next time I do this I will take greater care when cutting out my template. Or maybe not. Sometimes I prefer the randomness of things. As a busy mom I’ve learned to embrace life’s imperfections and surprises. I’d like to think perfection is overrated, anyway. : )


While researching CRAFT CLUB banner options, I found this site. I think she makes some lovely banners. I especially like this one. So cute.

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