Lunch with Craft Royalty


Spend an hour or so chatting with me as a guest on my podcast and the next thing you know I’m twisting your arm into a lunch date. That’s exactly what I did to Carol Duvall, the former Grand Rapids television personality and host of “The Carol Duvall Show” on Home & Garden Television.

Shortly after I recorded an interview with Carol (episode 57), she let me know she was going to be in town for a book signing. So, I invited her out before today’s appearance at a Grand Rapids Michaels store. She kindly accepted and we had a great time.

Growing up in suburban Detroit with a mom who thinks the world of Carol, I understood her creative influence and never imagined there would come a day when I would be swapping stories over salad and sandwiches with the “Queen of Crafts.” (Mom, I wish you could have been there. Carol truly is the real deal.) It was an absolute privilege to continue the discussion we started when we recorded the podcast and hear more about her impressive TV career that spanned more than 50 years. I brazenly encouraged her to write another book and she rather politely encouraged me to write one, too.

When we returned to Michaels for the signing, her fans were lined up and waiting. They clapped as she approached the signing table, and I took my place in line. I passed the time listening to the men and women around me swap stories about how they used to watch Carol craft on TV and try to make the projects at home, or how their wife, sister, friend or mother was a “huge fan.”

Carol took her time with people, kindly posed for pictures and appeared to really enjoy meeting her fans. People love her because she’s genuine. Many of her craft ideas came from viewers and fans over the years, and Carol always made a point to credit her sources, a move that endeared her to her massive craft following.

When it was my turn to get my copy of “Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall” signed, I felt like I was posing for a photo with a dear friend. Yep, I just love life’s little surprises.

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