Wonder Under foil surface design technique from episode 12

Melanie Testa’s Wonder Under Foil Surface Design Technique

Thanks Melanie for taking the time to share the instructions and pictures!

You will need:

*A coffee grinder (you will not be able to use this to grind coffee again)
*Wonder Under
*Baggie to store the grinds in
*Iron and Press cloth
Foil (look under “Products”)


Peel Wonder Under from the protective paper sheet, tear into palm sized bits. Place in grinder, fill as much as possible. Grind. Place this batch into a baggie and continue grinding to your hearts content, too much is never enough! You may want to sparkle up several yards of cloth, who knows!

Texture of Ground Wonder Under
Protect the Foil with a Press Cloth
You don’t want to touch the foil with the hot iron.

Iron Fabric.

Sprinkle Wonder Under onto fabric. You may start sparingly and continue to layer until you are satisfied or you can go for the gusto. Your choice.

Place foil, colored side up onto the fabric and sprinkled Wonder Under. Iron with press cloth. Allow this to cool completely! This is a very important step. If you rush, the foil will not adhere to the cloth.

Remove the Foil


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