Three Glue Magnets from episode 14

Sister Diane’s Three Glue Magnets
By Diane Gilleland
CraftyPod Producer

This project was part of a show called “All About Glue.” These magnets use three — count ‘em — three different kinds of glue. And they’re addictive fun to make.

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What You’ll Need:

– A base for each magnet you’re making. You might use bottle caps, or old Scrabble
tiles, or small pieces of sturdy cardstock, or mosaic tiles, or anything.

– A sheet of lightweight cardstock, with a smooth (but not glossy) surface.

– A pencil, and some scissors, and an old paintbrush.

– Small, round magnets, good and strong.

– Some collage goodies, for collaging onto your magnet bases. You might use magazine
cut-outs, scraps of lovely paper, words you love, old photos, etc.

– Glue #1: A glue stick.

– Glue #2: E6000 (or, silcone sealer, or superglue)

– Glue #3: Mod Podge (or, water-based craft glue)

How To Make It:

1. Put your cardstock down on your work surface. Now, take your magnet base, and lay it on top of the cardstock. Trace around the base with a pencil. Cut out the cardstock on your trace lines. This little piece will be your tiny collage surface.

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2. Rummage through your collage stuff, and make a wonderful little piece of art on that little bit of cardstock. Use the glue stick to glue all your images and words down.

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3. Now, take your E6000 (or silicone sealer, or superglue), and glue your little collage down to your magnet base. Apply that glue thinly, so it won’t ooze out all over the place when you press the two pieces together. (Oozing glue can be non-fun.)

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4. Use the very same glue to stick a magnet onto the back of your magnet base. Give the whole thing plenty of drying time — this kind of glue appreciates 24 hours’ rest.

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5. When your magnet is completely dry, get your Mod Podge out. (Or, take your craft glue, squirt some into an old dish, and dilute it with water until you can spread it with a brush.) Brush this glue all over the top and sides of your magnet. It will look very milky at first, but will dry nice and clear.

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6. Just repeat this process for as many magnets as you’d like to make.

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