Embellished Bottlecap Magents from episode 7

The Crafty Chica’s Embellished Bottlecap Magents
By Kathy Cano Murillo

Pasted Graphic

Bottlecaps (dollar bin at Target)
Assorted papers/pictures
White craft glue
Acrylic paint
Envirotex Lite
Sturdy magnet, adhesive (I like e6000)
Wax paper


Use the white craft glue to affix a “background” piece of paper (I used a Spanish dictionary page) on the top of the bottlecap.

Now glue on a picture that you have cut out. Apply a thin coat of white craft glue and let dry.

Apply a thin border of acrylicpaint around the edge and let dry.

Mix Envirotex Lite according to package directions.

Use the chopstick to apply the coating to the top of the bottlecap, thoroughly covering the image and the border of paint.

Line a table with wax paper and set the bottlecaps to cure.

If there are gas bubbles, gently blow through the straw to pop them. They will harden in 24 hours.

Glue magnet on back.

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