CraftSanity Episode 10: Knit Graffiti with the Knittas

Tag, you’re knIT.
It may just be a matter of time before you pass a car on the highway with a stockinette stitch antenna cozy, spot a street sign with a striped pole, or wander past a tree sporting a trunk warmer growing in a neighborhood near you.

On this episode of CraftSanity, we’re going to hear from the women responsible for this latest street art trend. They’re working moms who moonlight as gangsta graffiti knitters. AKrylik, 35, and PolyCotN, 32, are the founders of Knitta, Please!, a 10-member crew of yarn and needle-toting graffiti artists who are tagging the streets of Houston, Texas with vibrant knitted art. They’ll tag just about anything from beer bottles and door handles to telephone poles, street lamps and super tall statutes.

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